New: Corona Home Self Testing

You insert the swab 2 cm in the nose, turn it around for 15 seconds and get the result within 15 minutes. 

As from today the corona self test can be ordered at Zuidas Pharmacy and via Avenue Services.


These self fast tests can be taken at home by yourself to verify if you are infected with the corona virus. The result is available within 15 minutes. Since the self test is a more friendly way of testing this can be used for preventive testing.


For example if you go to school or work or if you will visit someone with a high risk of getting infected. Zuidas Pharmacy in collaboration with Avenue Services can offer these self test for 8,50 euro per test. 


For more information how and where to buy these self tests, please visit the website or email

Taking care of each other’s health!

​​*Your data is being used in order to make an appointment . Without your permission your data will not be shared. If you are tested positive on covid-19 we are obligated by law to inform the Health Services Amsterdam with the following data: name, address, gender, date of birth, BSN, place, phone number, emailaddress. 

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Instruction for self testing

Please click on the link below to read the user manual