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My name is Emile. With many years of VVE chairman experiences I was closely involved in the implementation of the hospitality services and security structure of residential building Intermezzo at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Due to this I was aware of all the challenges and all requirements but at the same time fully aware of keeping the yearly service costs within budgets without compromising on the quality of service. Next to this it is very important that residents experience the hospitality services positively and see the added value of this extra service. Only with the right ingredients for residents and employees you can provide the best services.

Avenue Services finds the right balance in an affordable way with the right people working on your location. This is the reason why I have started Avenue Services.


The servicemanager on location can make the difference. Being successfull can improve the quality of life in the building and the added value of having a servicemanager available. We work with a special formula for both employees and clients. In this way we are costs efficient and able to provide a good work balance for our employees. We always invest in a long term relationship and cooperation to create and keep trust at your residents.   


Keep it simple. All extra services are taken directly from Avenue Services without having complicated (financial) contructions for the VVE or building owner. You can choose to have a dryclean service, parcel service or cleaner. But it is also possible to make use of your current suppliers or services that your residents request. 

You decide!


Avenue Services has experiences in improving safety in residential buildings. By changes small things you can prevent burglaries. Also little adjustments in your security camera's can already improve the safety in your building. We make use of 'live camera view'. By combining smart technology and 'human' eyes it is possible to detect and prevent, in an early stage, vandalism or burglaries. It is also possible for us to manage and review your security camera's images. For residents we can offer our 'coming home services'.  


We find it very important to involve our customers. Therefore we send a yearly survey to assess our services. We think that it is always possible to improve and strive for the highest available quality and services.

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